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Reaching your goals requires great Vision


Your visual system is key to reaching your potential! Let us help you achieve the things that you want to!

A well functioning visual system is more that seeing clearly. We need it to function well to help us enjoy the quality of life we want to reach our potential in the classroom, at work, on the sports field and everywhere else.

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The future of Eyecare is evolving

Dr. Heddle tries to support the whole family, not just patients with visual issues.

Dr. Heddle’s philosophy is all about preventative care and discussions around nutrition, UV protection, stress reduction, and proper sleep is part of the education he provides for his patients.


Dr. Heddle offers a full-scope practice. This includes ocular wellness exams, routine exams for glasses and contacts, specialty contacts to eliminate the need to wear glasses, and neuro-visual care (which includes Visual Training). The practice dispenses spectacles and contact lenses but most of their prescribing is done with a neuro-visual perspective. Dr. Heddle also refers patients for cataract and laser refractive surgery.

Dr. Heddle routinely provides a full neuro-visual evaluation of a patient, that covers more than 25 components of the visual system, sort of like a mechanic does a checklist when evaluating a car. This allows Dr. Heddle the opportunity to look at the visual system as a whole and helps determine the type of prescription we use, which is customized to that individual. This information then gets utilized by our neuro-visual opticians to customize the lens design to the prescription.


Dr. Heddle likes to take the time to understand the visual demands of the patient and match the most appropriate lens to that demand. An example may be that measures how much support the patient has from a focusing perspective at near, coupled with how much need there is for close viewing, i.e. computer, phone, digital device, or making sure the target shooter has a bifocal lens design that doesn’t interfere with his ability to site the target.

Statistics show that 25 percent of every classroom has vision-related learning. There are also more dry eye issues due to more screen time, less sleep and more stress. I feel as an industry, there needs to be an end game. We need to work with each other, to ensure we are able to continue to thrive under today’s demands.

Come see what you are missing!



Dr. Heddle is available at multiple locations. Please seek us out below at whichever location best suits you!


Heddle Vision Therapy

We’re here for all of your vision therapy needs! Call us to schedule an appointment, or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

14678 State Rd 23, Suite F, Granger IN 46530

Phone 574-329-5201

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Visual Performance Center

We’re here for all of your vision therapy needs! Call us to schedule an appointment, or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

3916 Stonegate Park, Unit B, St. Joseph, MI 49085

Phone 269-408-8719

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